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Ahista Ahista Music Review



T.Series. Himesh Reshammiya. DJ Akbar Sami.

And it doesn't require much persuasion to pick up the music album from the stands. At least when it comes to giving a first listening!

So what if Irhsad Kamil comes in place of regular Sameer as the lyricist, an exciting outing is still expected from the soundtrack of Ahista Ahista. A film that finally brings Abhay Deol back on big screen after a hiatus since an interesting debut in 'Socha Na Tha', it stars Soha Ali Khan as the female lead with Shayan Munshi being the important part of the starcast. A film by Anjum Rizvi, it is special for Shivam Nair who makes his directorial debut. With good expectations of hearing an interesting soundtrack, one plays on 'Ahista Ahista' that has 8 unique songs with remaining 7 being remixes/unplugged versions.

And isn't the end result simply amazing?

Great news for Himesh Reshammiya fans as he comes behind the mike for 5 out of 8 unique tracks in the album with 3 of them being solo renditions. The first to come is the title 'Ahista Ahista' that starts off on an extremely pleasant note and moves to high pitch only to become a cool love number with elements of Paki-pop to it. If you have loved songs from 'Strings' and 'Jal', you would love the title song even more as it pure to the core with great orchestra in the background enhanced by a good use of guitar that comes at just the right places. Now this is a track that should be a good bonfire favorite for the sheer rhythm, twists and purity. A brilliant composition!

One thought that the title song was brilliant? Then watch out for 'Allah Kare' and you are sure to change your loyalties there and then, though just in terms of priority. A Sufi track by Irshad Kamil with a good fusion mix of Indian and western, it has the beats of tabla in the background along with an extra emphasis on 'allah kare' that makes it highly catchy and thoroughly enjoyable. Usage of Indian musical instruments in the orchestra makes 'Allah Kare' an authentic number with Reshammiya's punching rendition maintaining the high standards expected from the composer/singer. Go for this as it turns out to be the best of the lot!

It?s time for your neck to sway in 'Love You Unconditionally', a hip-hop-song-with-a-difference. Reshammiya gives his own touch as a composer and a singer by adding his Indian element to this melodious number that is sung at a high pitch. The beauty of the song is that it can be played both on a dance floor and a candle light dinner due to sheer mix of rhythm and melody. The song makes it three in a row for 'Ahista Ahista' and makes it a 'paisa vasool' album by and large. By this time, you only wish that the party continues and law of averages doesn't catch up with the composer since there are 12 more tracks [originals and remixes] to go!

After doing all the good work and setting the pace for the album, Himesh Reshammiya hands over the mantle to KK, at least on the singing front, with 'Ishq Ne Tere'. Just like 'Allah Kare', the sufi feel is apparent in 'Ishq Ne Tere' too that comes close to being a 'qawalli' but actually doesn't really become one. Now that's not a mere coincidence but a conscious effort as Reshammiya, the composer, spins an authentic Indian tale to the song by good use of appropriate various musical instruments. Jayesh Gandhi, a favorite with Reshammiya as far as background vocals in concerned, makes an appearance in 'Ishq Ne Tere' too that has KK as the lead singer. The immensely versatile singer does well once again and proves that he is the best when it comes to singing each of the tracks differently.

For the first time in the album, a female voice is heard as Sunidhi Chauhan pairs up with K.K. for 'Tanha Tere Bagair'. The song begins with a 'pahadi' flavor to it as KK croons 'Dil Lagaya Na Lagaya', a prelude for the song to follow. Well, the 'pahadi' tune is kept intact through a sound of flute in the song that is fifth wonderful song in succession. And yes, just like 'Love You Unconditionally', it too can be a right fit to be either a dance floor number or a romantic track to be hummed around the trees. With KK being his usual best, it's just the right pace, rhythm and Sunidhi's sensual crooning that makes 'Tanha Tere Bagair' one of the first ever North-East fusion mix.

Brilliant. Yet again. That's the thought that comes to your mind when 'Aawan Akhiyan Jawan Akhiyan', a qawwali, comes next. Yes, Reshammiya haters can go ahead and label the song to be one of his yet another nasal crooning but does the majority care? One of the best qawallis to come in the recent years, 'Aawan Ankhiyan' is a good follow-up to 'Allah Kare' and works due to sheer authenticity and originality. There is no unnecessary masala or intrusions as the qawalli rendered by Himesh Reshammiya, Jayesh Gandhi, Hashim and Aftab moves on selflessly. The music arrangements are just perfect while Irshad Kamil's lyrics are sheer beauty due to being truly different, all of which makes the track one of the not-to-be-missed qawallis!

The mood changes to mush and romance with arrival of Kunal Ganjawala who goes pop in 'Tum Jo Mile'. After some superb rendition in 'Ankahee', Ganjawala sings a track that falls under a genre that Biddu had made popular in early 80s. The tune is simple, the melody is nice and the rhythm is involving as Reshammiya shifts from his usual style in a track that could also double up as a title song due to coming of words 'Ahista Ahista'. The song has a classy feel to it and while bringing some variety in the album it makes one wonders if it could have just been a right track to be picturized on Salman Khan? Hear it and you would realize what we mean!

By the time the eight unique song in the album comes, you know that you have got your money's worth since 'Dil Naiyyo Maane Ne' turns out to be a track heard before in the music album of 'Phir Hera Pheri'. A duet between Reshammiya and Tulsi Kumar, it is written by Sameer. Reshammiya's fans certainly won't be complaining as he delivers exactly what he promises and what his fans expect! The song is in succession to the numerous love songs composed by him in 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne', 'Aksar' and 'Aap Ka Surroor' and 'Dil Nayyiyo Maane Re' continues to keep his flag high. Starting off with high pitch, for certain unexplained reasons, he suddenly knocks on the Bappi Lahiri territory at places, that makes you wonder if that was really required. Nevertheless, Tulsi Kumar, who gives good company to Reshammiya, can be rest assured that her work won't go unnoticed as the song is one of those kinds that should keep the music channels busy, both in the original and Sami's zingy remixed version by DJ Akbar Sami!

Well, law of averages doesn't really catch up with Reshammiya so far as he does a great job in each of his eight tracks and it's now time for DJ Akbar Sami to take over. Though Sami has more often than not has only enhanced Reshammiya's product, after such an enjoyable outing in 'Ahista Ahista' one just waits to hear the rest of the tracks with bated breath.

There is a husky sound of 'Ahista Ahista' heard in the background along with seductive vocals of a female as Reshammiya is heard once again in the terrific remix version of the title song 'Ahista Ahista'. The reputation of Akbar Sami is kept intact as he stylishly comes up with his own musical arrangement and completely changes the mood of the song to make it look and feel different. A remix that works!

You loved the simplicity of 'Allah Kare'? Now hear the song shift lanes in the remix version that is zip-zoom-wroom in its remix version. Akbar Sami certainly knows how to make the presence felt for his style and he proves the same yet again in this remix version that shifts the mood from the rose gardens to a dance floor!

Word 'Unconditionally' is heard multiple times and Akbar Sami's musical hand is apparent in a remix version that is just what is expected out of a remix version. And yes, it works too as a temptation to hit the dance floor is right there all over again. This is easily the best remix of the lot so far and could be a big hit if a music video of the same is made.

The simplicity of 'Ishq Ne Tere' is maintained even in its remix version with no attempt made to turn it into a dance floor number. A new sound is heard when Akbar adds his own style to the rhythm and the beats and the great mood while hearing the album so far is maintained. On the other hand the original simplicity of 'Tanha Tere Bagair' is lost in its remix version but one still doesn't mind that much due to a racy rhythm that makes it a hot contender for a zingy dance floor outing.

Finally, if you love Reshammiya, the singer, watch out for his unplugged version of 'Allah Kare' where it's him and only him in the scene with minimal instruments in the background. A fitting end to the album, 'Allah Kare' gives an indication that it could well be the anthem of the nation in weeks to come if promoted aggressively.

It's a surprise to see 'Ahista Ahista' not being promoted as aggressively as Reshammiya albums normally are. And that too when T-Series, a name behind his maximum hits, is associated with the music of 'Ahista Ahista'. The album has all in it to do terrific business over the period and its time to get Reshammiya on the scene if the presence of Abhay Deol and Soha Khan is not doing enough to ignite the promos. The first step in the direction has been taken by Reshammiya finally being seen in the remix version of the title song but need of the hour is to get him more visible. There are some albums that just require him to appear in his trademark attire and stance on the screens due to cast and crew being relatively new and 'Ahista Ahista' is just one of those albums. If promoted more aggressively with music videos centered around Reshammiya, 'Ahista Ahista' has all in it to register good sales.

A dark horse, it is a complete winner for Reshammiya fans!


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